Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Old Roadster

Another stroke of fantastic luck!  I was on my way to photograph one of my favorite waterfalls, when I found this beauty by the side of the road.

Keep Makin' Art! (Where you find it!)


Rie said...

How neat!!!! Not as cool as your fire engine pictures, but you know how I feel about those ... teehee...This is what I admire about you (and your fellow artists). You'll see beauty/art where others see "rust". Keep makin' art Cuz. I'm so enjoying it...xoxoxox

Dave King said...

Oh, these really are out of this world, as they say! Devastatingly so. I'm drooling.

Carl said...

Thank You Rie and Dave. I have been looking for an old beauty like this for some time. I really had fun getting these shots.