Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ringwood Manor

My friend mike and I headed out to Skylands on July 4th to shoot some macro stuff, but found a line of cars a half mile long waiting to get to the Lake at 7am. So we headed instead to ringwood manor and found some nice subjects to photograph.  Lesson of the day always have a plan 'B'.  It was not what we had planned, but got some cool stuff here and found amazing light at Tiorati Brook (see previous post).

Keep Makin' Art!


Victoria Fatum said...

I've never made it here, but from the looks of these it's someplace I want to check out! Nice!

Dave King said...

All excellent shots, but the one with the reflections I find exceptional, compositionally and conceptually. One in a million, I'd say!

Dave King said...

O.K., then: one in ten thousand!

Carl said...

Vicki - Thanks! It's a great spot and being across the road from Skylands they make an unbeatable combo. Always soething to shoot. I love shooting IR there.

Dave - Thank you sir. That was a fun one. I notices the bench a while ago and final got a shot I wanted. I think next in b+w ir and maybe color in the fall for the bench.