Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Gallery on the Website

I have added a another new gallery to the website.... It is of my photos of birds and butterflies. Click here to go to the new gallery.

My prints for the 12th annual St. Catherine of Bologna Art Show were dropped off today. The show is next weekend in Ringwood, NJ. It is a great show of local photography, painting, sculptor and poetry. if you are in the area you should plan to stop by. Hopefully I'll see you there as I plan to be there for part of all three days. I have to say the work I saw being delivered today look outstanding! I can't wait to see the show next weekend.

Finally... I have not had any time to paint in several months. Work, photography and a few other things have conspired against me to keep me out of the studio. I am heading in there now to fire up the space heater and work on a small watercolor. I hope to have something to post on Monday.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

The new website is outstanding. The images, without exception were gorgeous. As a purely personal preference, I found the birds, particularly riveting

Good luck with the Ringwood show. Wish I could see it.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave! The birds are fun. The cardinal has been a daily visitor to the tree outside my studio daily. I am working on a watercolor of him now. It feels good to push some paint around. It has been a while. Next I have to nudge the site and blog so they look a little more alike. That can be done pretty easily. I am sure you would love this show next weekend. The amount of talented artists drawn to this show is incredible. I was totally impressed with how they ran drop off day yesterday and the art I saw being entered was really great. Should be a really great show. i will post some photos of it next week.

Wendy Mould said...

Carl I really enjoyed your new pictures, they are beautiful. I particularly loved the chickadee #22. What bird is the blue one #24? Great work.

Carl said...

Thank You Wendy!