Sunday, August 09, 2009

Little Man A

Our Great Nephew Ansen visited this weekend with his folks, our Niece Jessica and her Husband Richard. It was just great to chase around after Little Man A in the park. He sure helped me put my new camera thru its paces. I got a chance to learn the controls better and be able to change settings quickly. Photographing little kids takes a whole different skill set than landscapes. I had forgotten that after my years of doing weddings and family portraits, but found my stride again pretty quickly.
Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Great photographs. You'll treasure them above some of the landscapes, I'll be bound!

JeannetteLS said...

Nothing like a little man. Was with my best friend's grandson, wishing a camera could grab our fun. THEN it struck me somebody might photograph ME! What they wear out physically, the more than compensate for in the rejuvenation of spirit. Dave's right, I'll bet.

Carl said...

You are right he was exhausting, but awesome!!


A's Mom said...

He definitely kept us on our feet, but we captured some good photos that day.