Sunday, June 14, 2009


After a weekend of rain (and it looked as if all of Sunday would pass along those lines...) the sun came out. After damp and rainy I was rewarded with these shots from Skylands. The Irises out in the open meadow of the wildflower garden were a real treat. I would have thought all the rain would have done them in like most of the mountain laurel. I am glad I got to the mountain Laurel last week. Many of the flowers have been knocked off by the rain. Notice the visitor in the top shot. One of the fish from the coy pond wandered happily into the frame.
Now it is back into the studio. I started an acrylic still life last night. I will post when I have finished it in a few days.... as long as I have not had to gesso over it and start again!

Keep makin' Art

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