Sunday, December 09, 2007

Creative Juices

Hello Again Artists...

What gets your creative juices flowing? For me it is seeing a scene in nature that strikes me. That is why I never leave the house without my camera bag... but the real world gets in the way doesn't it? Seeing a great scene and saying "I'd love to paint that" doesn't mean you have time to stop and photograph it when you are heading to work and a re dangerously close to missing your first meeting of the day. Then one day you are so busy... the creative spark takes a vacation and the idea of painting seems to take way too much energy... What then?

Well gentle reader then I turn to you all for inspiration. I read blogs about painting or visit one of the many great daily painters blogs. Reading about other people going thru the same thing or finding a way to tune out the outside noise and finding time to paint gives me hope! So keep reading and writing those art blogs... and if you have been lurking here, but not writing anything just send me a reply with a link to your site or blog. I'd love to see it and will mention the ones I find here. While art is a singular and sometimes lonely pursuit it also feeds off of the fire and inspiration of other artists.

I also have shelves full of books on watercolor instruction. Some are good and some are bad, but they all have something I can use. Maybe it shows a great color combo i may not have tried or has an inspiring image I might try to make my own version of (as a warm up exercise). So what is my favorite book on Watercolor? It is the one pictured here. the "Basic Watercolor Answer Book" by Catherine Anderson. Her glazing techniques are wonderful and really glow. I really enjoy Catherine's paintings. I do not always paint in her glazing style, but I turn to the book often for humor and inspiration. I am always mindful of keeping my colors clean and enjoying the act of painting. Thank You Catherine. Your book has gotten me out of a couple of painting slumps!

Keep Painting!

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